Welcome to the Salus System - where the descendants of a dying Earth made their home more than 300 years ago.

Eden Harmony is one of those descendants, rebuilding her life after losing everything. Join her and her crew as they face the challenges of space, greedy businessmen, and love among the stars.


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Second edition, with new cover and more action!

What happens when the son of your enemy ends up on your ship – and doesn't remember who he is?

Eden Harmony is building a new life, a new business, and putting her painful past behind her. When a battered shuttle shows up in the path of her cargo ship, the single occupant sends that new life into a tailspin.

Cole Aram is that occupant – son of the man who killed her family, with a head injury that wipes his memory. Whatever trouble found him draws Eden and her crew in, forcing her to choose sides, to trust a man she shouldn’t trust.

Now Eden has to find out who wants Cole dead, and why, before his past collides with her present. Before her unexpected attraction to a man she should hate turns her life upside down.

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