Welcome to the #KickAssGirlsofYA!

I'm proud to introduce my own kick ass heroine: Alex Finch, the feisty teen in Alex Finch: Monster Hunter.

Meet Alex Finch - tomboy, techno geek, monster hunter.

Reluctant monster hunter.

I love Alex, because she's a heroine who has to rely on her skills and brains ~ and not any supernatural powers.

She has to deal with a serious crush, a cheerleader as her project partner (the most important project of her school career), and discovering that monsters are real.

Ales is also the character most like me.

Kind of a nerd, a dancer, and an intensely private person, who yearns for life beyond high school. She has incredibly cool parents, who protect and support her. She also learns that people aren't what they seem, and to trust her gut, no matter how crazy circumstances get.

And those circumstances get pretty crazy.

Alex goes through so much, and comes out the other side a stronger person ~ but she also loses the innocence that makes life shiny and new for so many of her blissfully ignorant classmates.

I would love to see more heroines like her, who use their brains instead of a special secret power to get things done.


What kind of kick ass heroine would you like to see?

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I had a blast writing Alex's adventures, and I hope you enjoy reading them. You can grab a *FREE* copy of book one here:

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Thanks for joining us for the #KickAss blog hop!