Here is an exclusive sneak peek of Ghost of a Chance, book one of The Maggie Mulgrew Mysteries. It will be coming your way in late April, but until then, here's a little taste. Enjoy!

The second Maggie Mulgrew stepped out her front door, she knew it would be a wild hair day.

Wind blew off the English Channel, cold and crisp—and it played havoc with her already unmanageable red waves. Like everything else in her adopted village of Holmestead, she had learned to adapt to the almost constant wind by wearing her hair up when she ventured outside.

She had already tucked her hair in a messy bun, and resigned herself to having stray waves floating around her by the time she reached her shop in the high street.

“Good morning, England.” She smiled as she looked up at the clouds racing across the achingly blue sky. “It’s good to be here.”

She slung her oversized leather bag to her shoulder and danced down the porch steps, eager to start the day.

Her hair vs the wind was a lesson learned early, during her very first visit here. A lonely, awkward ten year old facing her formidable Great Aunt Irene Mulgrew for the first time. It was mutual admiration at first sight, and for Maggie, that admiration had blossomed into a deep, real love.

When she received the letter from Aunt Irene’s solicitor, informing her of Irene’s passing, Maggie responded by locking herself in her apartment for a week, mourning the only woman who had given her the love of a mother, and the wisdom of a friend.

Once she had started to accept what she never expected to happen, she opened the rest of the letters in the packet—including Aunt Irene’s will.

Her aunt had left everything to her.

Maggie took the sign for what it was—an escape from her controlling parents, freedom to live her own life. She had just celebrated her thirtieth birthday, and it was past time to walk away. They would never give up trying to change her.

So, less than a month after Aunt Irene gave her the world, Maggie arrived in the village of Holmestead, and started her new life.

She rounded the corner that led to the pedestrian high street, and took a deep breath. The air smelled like the sea, fresh scones, and the wildflowers that burst out of the pots in front of every shop.

It smelled like home.

~ * ~

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