Welcome to the world of Blackbourne - where superstition and new technology bump uneasy shoulders, and people are not always who - or what - they seem.

Where a nobleman and the daughter of an investigating detective team up to discover the truth about long buried secrets, and explore the passion that has sparked between them since the day they met.

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The prequel to a new paranormal romance/mystery series.

Katelin Rossow has her entire life planned: marriage to a good man, a place in her father's investigative agency, an exciting but stable life in the kingdom's capital city.

But one moment, and a selfless act, turns it all upside down. When a stranger steps out of a crowd and in front of a runaway hansom cab to save her father, he steals her heart. The heart she has already promised to another man.

*Includes a preview of A Lady in Disguise, coming in 2016.

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