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Right Now

~ I am finishing up The Doctor Falls For Her Gargoyle, the next installment of the Nocturne Falls Universe stories. Check here for more information.


Coming Soon

~ I am introducing a new character in June, and the first book of her series, The Sin Chronicles. Sinclere is a Fixer ~ and her life is about to get seriously complicated. You can find out more here.

~ The first book of a yearly grown-up camp series - Camp Firefly Falls. My book, The Mystery of Love, will go on preorder in July, with an August 16th release.

Here's the description: 

After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, mystery romance writer Lexi Granger is blocked. Seriously blocked. She hasn’t written a complete sentence for weeks, and she has a deadline looming that she can’t afford to miss.

Her best friend surprises her with a week at Camp Firefly Falls, where she spent summers as a girl. A writer’s getaway, which might tear down her impenetrable block.

To Lexi’s horror, Writers Get It On turns out to be a matchmaking event.

Former homicide detective Nick Standish lost his partner, and nearly his life, in a stakeout that turned violent. Working security at Camp Firefly Falls is the ideal solution – until a certain sexy writer crosses his path, spitting mad and demanding to leave. Immediately.

She’s an unexpected distraction, and Nick wants to oblige, but a freak storm washed out the road, and no one is leaving.

Lexi fights her attraction to the gorgeous Nick, even as the sorrow in his eyes draws her. That doesn’t mean she’s going to act on it.

When personal items start disappearing, Lexi and Nick reluctantly join forces to find the thief – and end up finding each other.


You can find out more, and read the books from last summer, right here: Camp Firefly Falls.


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