When I'm not creating new worlds, writing about witches, or solving mysteries, I write steamy romance. Head on over to Lily Marie Writes, meet the the strong, sexy heroines, and the sexy, flawed heroes in my stories. I always guarantee a happily ever after. Eventually. ;)

Here is a sneak peek of what's available:

Heart of The Bear

Meet the Black brothers - and the strong women who love them.

An old enemy...

Roman Black's past has finally caught up with him - and he isn't the only one paying for his mistakes.

A beautiful, curvy woman...

Dr. Jenna Morgan is running from her own past - and hopes to find her place in the small town of Pine Heart.

When a wounded bear shows up at her door, she discovers that the rumors about this small town are true, and that one of those shifters is bleeding all over her front porch. She treats him, and learns that he was shot protecting a group of shifter and human kids who are now being held by an old enemy bent on revenge.

Two hearts, one goal.

Roman's family joins together to find them - but it will be Roman who has to end this, redeem himself to his family, and to the woman who has stolen the heart of the bear.

~ * ~

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