#FirstKiss ~ Strangers on a Train

“Stand right there—that’s it. Just like that.” The man behind the camera waved his hand at us as we stepped closer to each other in the crowded train car. “Now introduce yourselves to each other.”

I swallowed, and tried not to stare at his chest. It wasn’t easy, since he was a good foot taller than my barely five feet. Which, of course, gave me a perfect view of that sculpted chest, outlined by his tight black t-shirt.

He leaned down, and his deep voice rumbled in my ear. “I’m Ewan.”


I finally got up the nerve to meet his eyes. Vivid blue eyes, in a face that should have been on a billboard, not smiling down at timid, plain, short me. Did I mention he had an accent that wrapped around me, made me feel like I was standing in the Highlands instead of a crowded Northern Line train? I loved London.

“Now.” The man who somehow talked me into this craziness interrupted us. “I want you to kiss.”

Ewan’s hand moved to the small of my back. I jumped at the warmth of it. He smiled, and leaned in. “You will do fine, love. Let me start.”

He did, his lips brushing over mine. I let out a gasp as heat shot through me. I did not expect that, not from such a light touch, and from someone I just met five minutes ago. He looked at me, and I knew he felt it as well.

Before I could take another breath he dove in.

His lips claimed mine, so soft and warm. I moaned, and he deepened the kiss, his tongue sliding against mine. I clutched the back of his shirt, and the muscles I admired tensed under my hands, like he was holding back.

I pressed up against him, and let him know with my touch, my body, that whatever he wanted to do, I was good with it.

In response, one hand tangled in my hair, and he angled my head, taking us both deeper. I felt my knees turn to rubber, my head spinning from the rush of him. I gasped against his lips when he slid his other hand down my leg and hooked it over his hip, pulling me in closer.

I arched into him, and I felt him smile, just before he took the kiss to a whole other level.

My hands took on a life of their own, sliding up that firm chest I admired, into the thick, wavy black hair that brushed his shoulders. He moaned at my touch, and hauled me up until both my legs wrapped around his waist.

I forgot everything, except the feel of his hands on me, his lips, his tongue, and the heat. I was on fire, and I had never felt that way before. I never wanted it to end.

A loud throat clearing finally penetrated the haze of need. The part of my brain not focused on Ewan remembered that was the signal to stop.

Ewan eased off, slowly, like he wanted to stop as little as I did. He ended the kiss the way he started it, with a soft brush over my lips, before he leaned back. This time we were eye to eye. A blush heated my cheeks as I remembered why.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

That incredible mouth widened in a smile. “My pleasure, love.”

He gripped my waist and lowered me to the floor of the train. My blush went hotter when the people around us applauded. I had completely forgotten about them, about the train—and oh, God, about the camera. Our make out session had been recorded, and anyone with a wireless connection would be able to see it.

“Thank you both.” The man started to take down his camera. “That was the best one yet.”

Ewan hadn’t taken his eyes off me. “Yes, it was.”

I was still dazed when we hit the next station. Ewan guided me off, and over to one of the metal benches lining the platform.

“I guess—thanks again, for an unforgettable experience.”

He took my hand, raised it to his lips. “If you’re up for it, Sara, I’d love to take you to dinner. Then relive that unforgettable experience.” I stared up at him, and he smiled. “You are the most interesting woman I’ve met in some time. And we did already get the first kiss out of the way.”

I laughed, relaxing. “We did. And yes, I’d love to. All of it.”

He leaned down, giving me a preview by kissing me again. It was much shorter, but just as mind melting.

“We’d best go, before I embarrass us both in a public place.”

I followed him off the platform, my head still spinning, and a stupid smile on my face.