Seven men, condemned by a witch for hurting the women they loved. Only another witch can help them find redemption.


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Serena Gray is at a crossroads: she hates her job, and is one day away from having to decide whether she can even go back. A mysterious delivery gives her another path to choose. One she never expected.

She makes her choice - and is transported to a cavern with seven men.

Seven men, who had been condemned by her great aunt for the crime of breaking a woman's heart. One by one, she will have to help them find redemption.

Nick Saunders is chosen first, and finds himself in WWI France, appearing almost at the feet of a beautiful, strong nurse.

Victoria Belham came to France to tend the wounded soldiers, to give back after losing her husband to the war. When an American arrives at the base hospital, his charm and kindness slowly work through the barriers around her heart.

But Nick holds part of himself back, hiding a secret that keeps Victoria from letting him in.

Nick senses her withdrawal, even as she responds to his touch. He has seven days to find his way into her heart. Seven days before he's condemned to the hell of his own creation, for good this time.

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Charles de Witt is the next to be chosen by the pendant - and he finds himself in a small town in the Wild West. It is unlike his own time, but he is determined to make a go of saving himself, no matter who the pendant chooses for him.

That choice turns out to be a petite, red-haired spitfire, so different from the women he prefers he knows it will never work.

Kate Maguire can hardly believe her eyes when she first sees Charles - dressed in a lavender velvet jacket, as out of place in Starwood, Montana as a pig at a tea party.

But behind the dandy is a man with skill, and a surprisingly good heart.

The more time Charles spends with Kate, the more he wants to be part of her life. But that will be up to her.

When the unexplained accidents on her ranch become more dangerous, Charles turns from suitor to protector - even when she wants nothing to do with his protection. He knows he will have to break through the wall of her pride and stubborn self-sufficiency, before he is dragged back into the curse forever.

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