The story that began in The Claire Wiche Chronicles continues...

Meet Zach - on his own, and finally coming to terms with the past he gave up for the chance to be human.

Note from me: these two books were written in between and connected to The Monster Files. They can be read as stand alones, right after the end of The Claire Wiche Chronicles.

To get the most out of them, this is the suggested reading order:

The Monster Files:
Book 1 - Alex Finch: Monster Hunter
Book 2 - Truth and Consequences
Once Fallen
(The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued)
Book 3 - Welcome to The Haven
Finding Grace
(The Remarkable Life of Zach Wiche Continued)
Book 3.5 - A Monster Files Wedding


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Zach Wiche has been trying to live a normal life ever since he discovered he was a fallen angel. Normal, that is, until the ghost of his friend Simon decides to hang around. A ghost only he can see.

When Simon goes missing, Zach is left to fight the pain of their lost connection, and the destruction of the protective walls that kept most of the emotions that swirled around him at bay. It takes a stranger with a gift, and his new friend Alex Finch to help him find his way forward.

That path takes him to Simon – and to a shocking discovery that will change their lives.

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The final chapter of Zach and Simon's adventures.

After his violent encounter with an angel from his former existence, Zach Wiche has been having dreams. Dreams of falling. There's only one person he can go to for answers - Claire Wiche, the woman who became his mother, his protector, after he fell.

When he discovers the reason behind his vivid dreams, he becomes a target for an angel desperate to return home, and a demon who has escaped his eternal fate.

Now he has to stop them from taking what made him mortal, no matter what the cost.