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It's like the best job ever - all play and no work. :)

Love romance spiced up with some action? Check out my romantic suspense series, Love in Time.


The series follows Kane and Elizabeth through time as they try to find their way home, and is set against the backdrop of England's rich history. As an Anglophile and a history buff, this series is a joy for me to write, and a pleasure to share with you. You can find out more about it here.


I also love writing paranormal - both adult and YA.

For The Claire Wiche Chronicles, full of witches, demons and loads of action, you can check out my books here.



To meet Alex Finch, the reluctant monster hunter in my YA series, The Monster Files, come on over to this page.



I also love experimenting with different worlds, in shorter form. You can check out my shorter work here. This is where I like to mix it up. :)


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