Welcome to a world where fairytales are real, a cursed prince fights for the life he once had, and happily ever afters are no longer ~ guaranteed.



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Meet Prince Alexander ~ handsome, fun loving, and somewhat irresponsible, much to his valet Reggie’s despair. When his father announces that he plans to marry the woman who has invaded their lives, Alexander is determined to find a way to expose her as a fraud.

It’s a decision that will cost him more than he ever thought possible.

The Story Continues…


They have until the stroke of midnight to pull off a happily ever after.

With a curse hanging over him, Prince Alexander Flynn needs a champion to help him fight the witch Giselle, and save his father. He finds her, faster than he expected ~ and she wants nothing to do with him.

But when Giselle throws them into a kingdom he thought only existed in bedtime stories, they have no choice but to work together.

Shane McClaren never believed in fairytales ~ until she finds herself in the middle of one. With the happily ever after broken, she and Alexander have to fix what's gone wrong, before they run out of time. Literally.